Friday, March 27, 2009

HT TRIPLES again!!!

I had intended to get this out before now, so you would all have more days to go shopping but I have been too busy shopping ;)
Harris Teeter has revamped their coupon policy AND they are STICKING to it. You now can ONLY USE 20 COUPONS PER CARD PER DAY! This used to be 20 per transaction and I had done up to four on one card in one day. But it is FOR REAL 20 per day now!!! I know this because I went there yesterday with a cart full and four transactions in my mind and I had to leave half my stuff in the cart to come back this morning and purchase. It is not such a big deal that they are actually implementing this policy, but that I was unaware of it and caught off guard. I will just have to adjust how I work my plan and I will have to shop on multiple days now to get all the same deals as before. Thankfully, HT is 2 minutes from my house :)

Also, you can use any left over diaper coupons this week and get $5 back when you spend $25 on ANY brand of Diapers at HT.

Here are this week's deals: I wish I had taken pictures, but I forgot about it until I had put everything away and started this post :( It would have looked cool to see the huge pile of items I got. The list just doesn't do it justice :)

Last night:
5 cans Frosting
3 packs Bar Soap (3 bars per pack)
1 Jet Dry Rinse
3 Wet Ones
1 Snyder's Pretzel Sandwiches
4 Crescent Rolls
6 Grand's Biscuits
2 Pillsbury Creations
18 bags Sargento Cheese (Yes, all this is in our freezer. A great deal for cheese)
4 Dole Jello snack packs (4 per pack)
4 cans Mandarin Oranges (15 oz.)
6 cans Green Chiles
3 packs Guacamole
1 box Frozen Waffles
Total retail: $163.27
Total Paid: $45.87

This morning:
4 Betty Crocker Warm Delight bowls
2 Mahatma Rice packs
8 Hormel Compleat meals
1 Jet Dry Rinse
2 bags Yolk Free Pasta
11 cans Beans (black, northern, pinto, garbonzo)
5 containers Wet Ones
2 bags frozen Meatballs (35 oz. each)
1 pack Bar Soap (3 bars per pack)
3 French's Mustard
2 bags Snyder's Pretzel Sandwiches
2 boxes Pantyliners
1 pkg Guacamole
1 pint Grape Tomatoes
2 Blistex Lip Balm
Total Retail: $119.64
Total Paid: $45.87


skisgirl said...

Here's mine (from memory since I can't locate my reciept at the moment):
3 boxes Quaker oatmeal
4 packets Ortega taco seasoning
2 Ortega salsa
2 3lb Mahatma rice
2 bags Utz chips (I never buy these, but .25/bag!!!
2 bottles Welch's squeezable jelly
3 jars Smuckers jelly (we really need jelly)
2 bottles French dressing
4 bags Sargento cheese

Total was $19 and change
Total savings was $50 (I remember the guy telling me that)

My visit was totally unplanned. I just took all my qs that were about to expire along with me.

I also did the biscuit deal, but didn't realize most of my q's expired yesterday until I gave them to the cashier. :/ I hope that they are some REALLY good rolls. LOL I did also get a pkg of organic cheddar for a buck and change.

I will go out again Tues and see if I can get some brown mustard. Oh, and I want to see if I have any pasta and veggie coupons around...

Have you been doing the cereal/milk deal. That is so awesome!! We really needed cereal and now I have a ton and qs for free milk!!! I♥HT

Lindsay said...

Good job Jess! I'm still stewing:) I'm kidding, over it now. Learned my lesson.

Did you not get chicken? Buy 1 get 2 free?

The Blackburn Crew said...

I did my first "real" triples trip last night..I will say going at 9 at night on a Tuesday is a bad idea, they were taking down all the sale signs so it was a little confusing(and my head was already going to explode!), and the place was pretty cleared out. I spent $38, and my savings was $83, and my kids love me because I bought a box of Pop Tarts for the first time since they were free!

Jessica Moore said...

That is GREAT savings for your first time more than 50%. It really takes time to get better. There is a learning curve. Now you have learned that you shouldn’t wait until Tuesday night :) Plus you scored mega Mommy points for the Pop Tarts :)
Good Job.

Michelle said...

You are aware that when the U.S. collapses and we're all left hungry and starving, we will be lining up at your house, right? :) You do know that's why you're stocking up - to feed the church? I'm just preparing you in case God hadn't shared that little tidbit with you yet, lol :). You are awesome - thanks for inspiring me to steward B's $ better in this area!