Monday, April 13, 2009

Bi-Lo Buys

Well, I must say, I usually think of Harris Teeter as my all time favorite store for good deals. But this week, Bi-Lo was really good to me...

4 bottles Kraft dressing
3 bags (5 lb. each) sugar
6 boxes brownie mix
4 boxes UB rice
6 bags croutons
7 bottles vitamin water 10
4 cnt. sour cream
5 Breyers ice cream (ok, I went a little crazy with the ice cream, but EVERY flavor was on sale for $1.88 it was too hard to choose. AND I had a coupon for $.75 off 1 so one of them was only $.38!!!) Oh, how I wish I had MORE of THOSE coupons!!!

Total Retail: $105.19
Total paid: $17.71

1 comment:

skisgirl said...

Great deals!
I had two qs for the Bryers and Ski was too happy to get some for me. I missed the sugar. :( It was my off shopping week so I wasn't looking too hard.