Thursday, March 25, 2010

HT again

This time NO negative balance, but still pretty good. I don't think I could have gotten another $10 off $50 this week, but I didn't have $50 subtotal anyway.

4 boxes of pasta
2 env taco seasoning
1 bag croutons
3 bags mini rice cakes
1 box parchment paper
2 bottles grape jelly
7 pks gum
1 coffee creamer
Total retail: $37.97
Paid: $2.24

HT-Triples NEGATIVE balance

OK, I know I haven't posted on here in FOREVER. But I was just really excited about my trip yesterday. I practically robbed HT! I am sure you all know it is triples week at HT. I have been doing the triples and super doubles weeks recently as well, but none were as good as yesterday. THEY OWED ME MONEY!
Here is the breakdown of what I got and how it worked...

I started off with the free items and added some produce so I would be sure to owe something (because they really won't pay me money :)

2 bags croutons
6 boxes pasta
2 bags mini rice cakes
6 pkts taco seasoning
2 spice grinders
3 Mentos gum
2 coffee creamers
3 tubs strawberries (BuyOneGetTwoFree-$4.99)
2 avocados ($.79 ea.)

Total for all this was
- $2.85

Why was this? Because of good ole e-Vic. If you are not a member of e-Vic, here is your motivation. Because I am an e-Vic member, I automatically received $10 off my $50 purchase BEFORE coupons. Usually they send out these mailers for $10 off $50 but the cashier makes you have $50 AFTER coupons or they won't scan it. (Even thought it would work if they did-and it depends on the cashier you get if they pay attention or not:)
This time it was automatic for e-Vic members. So they OWED me money.
So now I have to buy something else, because they won't give me money back. But I already used my 20 coupon limit for the day and I didn't want to buy any of my items that used coupons and waste those triples.

So I returned to produce to buy 4 kiwi (that I never buy because they are $.79 each and they are only as big as a quarter anyway but my kids really LOVE them). My kids got a special treat.

So my final total?
Total Retail: $59.46
Well, TAX on all my items was $.42
I paid $.38
YES, that says "38 CENTS"

I am going back today to see how I do this time. I have another 20 coupons, but I don't know if the e-Vic special will work again. I will let you know.

Now, to explain e-Vic. You just sign up with your email address and link your VIC card to the account. They send the weekly flyer to your email once a week and then sometimes send a special e-Vic flyer over the weekend. There is nothing more than that. But you get weekly specials that are only good for e-Vic members. Click here for more info and to sign up. You can get your $10 off $50 if you sign up now.

Enjoy the Triples!