Monday, December 22, 2008

My BiLo Trip

Here is this week's shopping trip:

8 bags Green Giant Steamers Vegetables
8 boxes Eggo waffles
2 boxes Lasagna
9 bags Chex Mix

My grand total was $3.32
However, it should have been $1.73 but I picked up one of the "gourmet" veggie bags by mistake and they are not on sale. I didn't catch it until just now as I was going back over my receipt. Gotta watch those. It cost me $1.59 extra!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's in a Name?

Why am I starting this blog?

I started a public blog for posting all my savings, coupon, organizing, frugal cooking, shopping trips, etc. tips and ideas. I wanted anyone to be able to see it and hopefully benefit from all I have learned and am still learning.

Why this name?

"Stewarding God's Gifts" because it is my great desire that I learn to use God's gifts of finances, creativity, and teachability to serve my family and ultimately to glorify HIM! And maybe I can help some others do the same in the process.

It is still in progress, so feel free to let me know if I can do anything different to make it easier to read or more fun :)

Please ask any questions you can think of. I am very passionate about this topic and can talk for hours about what I little I have learned. Ask Tracie :) I have overwhelmed many a mind trying to talk about everything at once. This process is best digested in little bites :)

Oh, and by the way, for all you who hate me for having a private blog that you can't view on "Google", here is one you CAN!!! :)