Saturday, February 7, 2009

How'd you REALLY do?

Ok, so all those deals look great on paper, but how do you really do at the store? Well, some of the items I wanted were out of stock so I didn't get everything. They do restock on Saturdays so I plan to try for the rest of the deals on Sunday evening.

I did three transactions because you can only triple up to 20 coupons per card per transaction. They say it is per day, but I used the same card for all three transactions and had no problem with all my Qs tripling. I also split up some of my like items so I wouldn't use too many identical coupons per order. They sometimes balk at that. Their official policy is 3 identical coupons double or triple per transaction. All others are face value. I haven't had any problems, but that IS their policy.

Transaction #1:
5 Smithfield bacon
2 Colgate kids toothpaste
2 Hungry Jack pancake mix
5 Mueller's whole wheat pasta
2 Honey Nut cheerios cereal
4 Powerade Zero
Retail: $74.14
Paid: $8.54
Saved: $65.60

Transaction 2:
6 Hunt's tomato sauce
6 Hunt's diced tomatoes
6 Hunt's tomato paste
5 Polaner All Fruit spread
3 Hillshire Farms Deli Slice meat
2 Colgate kids toothpaste
1 Softsoap handsoap
Retail: $65.38
Paid: $13.81

Transaction 3:
6 Hunt's tomato sauce
3 Quaker quick Oats (Raincheck)
7 Smucker's grape jelly (Raincheck)
2 Polaner All Fruit spread
2 Hillshire Farms Deli Slice meat
Retail: $34.85
Paid: $5.33
Saved: $29.52

Also, you can't see it in the picture, but there is a "Try Me FREE" sticker on the front of the deli meat package. An unexpected bonus. I will send in my receipt and the UPC from this package and get reimbursed my purchase price (which doesn't include coupons :) All the pkgs had this sticker, but you can only do this once per household.

So I paid $27.68 for $174.37 worth of groceries.
I LOVE triples!!!


Lindsay said...

WELL done!!!!

skisgirl said...

I totally missed triples this time. I should have known when I was in the store after therapy and saw lots of people with coupons. LOL