Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Rite-Aid steal

Thankfully, I am ALMOST out of kids in this stage. But, Alas, not yet.

I just went to Rite-Aid this afternoon and got ALL THIS for $6.42!!!!!!!!
See how I did it below.

OK, let me back up and spell it out for you :)

First, I signed up here for the "My Rite-Aid" online service. (I sign up for all kinds of stuff these days that I never took the time to do in the past. I will have to post about that sometime.) This gave me a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Of course, you can only do this once.

$9.99 each pack diapers on sale ($19.98)
$3.49 each wipes ($6.98)
$4.49 Electrasol on sale
$.50 each Reese's Whips (hubby likes these - FREE especially) - 12 total ($6)

$37.45 Total so far

Used $5 off $25 purchase
Used two $1.50/1 Huggies diapers from 1/11 coupon insert
Used $.50/1 Huggies wipes from 1/11 coupon insert
Used $.75/1 Huggies wipes from a P&G mailing (or use another $.50/1)
Used $2.50/1 Electrasol from 1/4 coupon insert
Used six $1/2 Reeses Whips from 1/4 coupon insert

+$2.72 tax

I paid $22.42 OOP (Out Of Pocket)
BUT I used a Gift Card which we receive often from transferring prescriptions-another future post??? I forgot how many tricks I know :)

I registered my receipt here at Rite-Aid online so I will receive my "Single-check" rebate (that just means you shop all month and collect receipts and log them online and they will send you one check at the end of the month for everything.)

My rebate will be for:
$2 back on one pack diapers
$2 back on two wipes
$10 back for purchasing $25 in Kimberly Clark items
$2 back on Electrasol gel packs

So $16 total in a check not store credit or gift card.
Taken from my $22.42
Meaning I just got two packs of diapers and 2 tubs of wipes, detergent and candy for...
$6.42 with tax!!!!!!!!!!

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Lindsay said...

Awesome Jess. I will learn a lot from this blog:) And I hope to get back into the swing of couponing soon.