Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I recently posted my 2009 goals on my private blog. I am going to expound on some of those here.

1. Organizing room-by-room (R-B-R)
I got this idea from another blog (as I do almost EVERYTHING :) This week I will post more about the details of this project. I have also gotten MANY ideas from FlyLady.

2. 30 day menu
This idea came from "The Happy Housewife" you can visit her for a detailed description and a very compelling post. I will be posting my 30 day meals on Friday.

3. Planning/coupon/shopping system
I want to develop a system that will help me better organize my coupon collecting/storage/preparation, my planning days, my shopping days, etc. This will take some time and work. I hope to get going on this system by next month.

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